My TV Deal Breakers

I stumbled across this article on this morning asking the question, “What actor or actress is a deal breaker for you?” Most of the answers revolved around actors who are annoying or just plain bad, but that’s not the case for me. My deal breakers – I have two – are actresses I avoid because I just simply can’t imagine them playing a character outside of their iconic TV role.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Carrie Bradshaw

My Sex and the City obsession is so strong that SJP CAN NOT play a character other than Carrie Bradshaw. When she does assume the role of another character (see The Family Stone, Failure to Launch), I immediately project Carrie Bradshaw onto that character. “Carrie would never wear that horrible sweater. Carrie would never be a therapist,” I think to myself. I just can’t. I can’t see SJP as anyone other than Carrie.

Sarah Michelle Gellar


My other double-named deal breaker will always be Buffy. She’ll always be the badass vampire slayer who oozes teen angst. The first pop culture icon to fall in love with a blood sucker. And no role she has or even will assume could live up to that. I refuse to see her as anything else.

So, dear readers, who is your pop culture deal breaker and why?


MTV’s ‘Scream’ is a horror-movie-in-a-TV-show with lots of meta-fun


MTV’s original programming has been a big miss for me. No matter how hard I try I just can’t get into shows like Teen Wolf or Skins. But when I heard they were remaking one of my favor now-classic slasher flicks into a series, I had to check it out…and I was pleasantly surprised. It was a fun, new take on the often overdone “we’re in a horror moving commenting about being in a horror movie” idea. The series premier payed homage to its predecessor, and some other classic horror flicks, in some interesting ways.

The use of phones (updated)

The Scream franchise’s use of phones as a scare tactic was a major plot motivator in each of the films, and it made many 90s-era teens (including myself) afraid to answer their landlines. While wall-bound phones a pretty much a thing of the past, the MTV version made great use of cell phones to incite terror in its victims. Phone calls did occur, but ominous texts also played a part.

The meta-dude

Each part of the movie version had the horror-film-geek who served as the voice of reason and explained why the main characters should be doing the things they were doing because, if it were a horror movie, they would end up dead. They were, in fact, in a horror movie, and most of them did, in fact, end up dead. In the first film, this character was Randy Meeks (played by Jamie Kennedy), and in the TV show it’s Noah Foster (played by John Karna).

A mother’s trouble past

The movie’s “Ghostface” killer was Billy Loomis and Stu Macher, who plotted together to kill main character Sidney because her mother had an affair with Billy’s father. While the black trench coat remains consistent across both platforms, the mask has changed, so I’m not sure what this killer will be called, but I’ll refer to him (or her) as Ghostface 2.0. On the show, it appears as if 2.0 is taking on the persona of Jason-esque Brandon James, who was obsessed with main character, Emma’s, mother. James went on a killing spree at the high school and was later shot at Rend Lake, where his body was never found.

Some other fun nuggets:

  • The opening death scenes of the first film and the TV are very similar, with Drew Barrymore’s cordless phone conversation replaced by creepy text messages
  • The party garage scene, where I hoped Emma’s friend Brooke would meet the same death-by-garage-door fate Tatum experienced in the first film…but no such luck

While serial-killer-fanatic Noah tells us a slasher film can’t be a TV show, I’m beginning to disagree. While the pilot did verge on the line between meta and corny, that was the characteristic I loved so much about the Scream franchise…it never took itself seriously. So I’ll watch this fun, campy summer romp and head Noah’s advice: I’ll root for them. I’ll love them. And when they’re all brutally murdered and there’s no one left, it might hurt.

Here’s hoping!

I feel like I’ve seen this Big Brother cast before…

Julie discussed a twin twist during this season, but she didn’t mention anything about past contestant twinsies.  When Clay mentioned the similarity between Steve and Ian, I started noticing how familiar other cast members seemed as well.  This particular season of Big Brother is full of doppelgangers of contestants from seasons past! Take a look at all the look-alikes below:

Steve Ian

Steve and Ian (season 14)

Audrey Danielle

Audrey and Danielle (season 14)

Austin Dick

Austin and Dick (seasons 8 and 13)


Clay and every other mancandy, pictured are Caleb (Season 16), Hayden (season 12), Cody (season 16)

Jace Hayden

Jace and Hayden (Season 16)

John Mike

John and Mike “Boogie” (seasons 2, 7 and 14)

Shelli Aaryn

Shelli and Aaryn (season 15)

Vanessa Gina

Vanessa and GinaMarie (season 15)

Keep in mind that this post is completely superficial (like most Big Brother contestants…lol), and I’m not commenting on similarities between game play or personalities of the matched players, just their looks.

What is it about Rosewood that makes everyone crazy?


This week on Pretty Little Liars, the girls uncovered a major clue in the search for Charles DiLaurentis.  SPOILER ALERT…he’s dead and has been for years.

At the beginning of the episode we find out that Charles is Alison’s brother, who was housed in Radley after attempting to drown his sister in a scaling hot bath tub. He was said to have committed suicide in the institution, but the liars had a hard time swallowing that story.

After learning that Alison’s aunt had visited Charles frequently at Radley, the girls sought the help of Jason who remembered visiting his aunt’s home shortly after her death and running into his mom tending garden at the (supposedly) abandoned house.  After investigating the empty home, the group stumbles upon a gravestone marked Charles.

The liars immediately jump to the conclusion that the “Charles” who kidnapped them has taken on the persona of the real Charles, and this new “Charles” must have known Alison’s brother during his time at Radley.

“It all seems to lead back to Radley, doesn’t it” – Lieutenant Tanner

The above quote from the skeptical lieutenant seems to be very fitting to the series as a whole.  A number of the show’s characters have either done a stint in the sanitarium or have some connection to it.  The following characters are involved with Radley in some way or another, and could be Charles 2.0:

Mona Vanderwaal

Mona was institutionalized in Radley after she was revealed to be the original A. Did she reincarnate as A after being released? Doubtful, as she was locked up before in the prison with the girls and had no way of knowing him during his stay at Radley.

Spencer Hastings

Spencer had a mini-breakdown after Toby “died.”  She even occupied Mona’s old room in the institution.  Has the smarty pants of the group assumed the role of A? Again, doubtful because she was one of Charles 2.0’s prisoners and had no way of knowing him during his stay at Radley.

Marion Cavanaugh (Toby’s mother)

Like Charles, Marion lived and died at Radley before the series began. Her death was ruled a suicide, but an inquiry into the event surrounding her death were investigated after Spencer helped Toby uncover new clues into the incident.  He accepted a settlement to keep the findings hushed. Toby has had interactions with A before, did he pick up where Mona left off? It’s possible, but doubtful. Toby and Caleb worked closely (it seems) to find the girls after they were kidnapped.

Bethany Young

Bethan Young was a patient at Radley who had an unknown connection to Alison’s mother. Since both Bethany and Jessica DiLaurentis are both confirmed dead, neither could be Charles 2.0.

CeCe Drake

CeCe checked into Radley under the name Alison DeLaurentis, but it was after Charles was supposed to be dead (I think). CeCe has been MIA for some time.  It’s possible she took on the role of A, but I don’t really see any motive behind it.

Eddie Lamb

Eddie was a nurse at Radley during Spencer’s stopover at the institution.  He helped Spencer uncover clues about Mona’s stay at Radley and showed Spencer evidence that Toby’s mother was institutionalized. He has been missing since season 5. Another contender for Charles 2.0, but again, what is his motive?

Dr. Wren Kingston

After dalliances with both Hastings sisters, Wren turns up as a volunteer doctor at Radley while Spencer is institutionalized. Although he has a strong connection to the liars (he also kissed Hanna), he is currently living in London with Spencer’s sister, Melissa. So he’s out of the running to be A now.

Since writer NAME had said that Charles is someone we’ve “seen” before, patients such as Big Rhonda, Nicky and Donna, are also of note.  These three were mentioned by named when Aria volunteered for the art program at the institution to gain insight into Bethany.

OR Radley could be a complete misdirection and there could be no connection at all. But, it’s fun to speculate, isn’t it?

There’s a tornado coming to Big Brother this summer!

At least that’s what the current cast thinks.  When Julie dubbed this season the summer of twists, the entire cast’s mouths hung agape as if they thought they were moving into the Big Brother house to relax in the pool all summer.

“You mean we have to play a game here?”

On a show that’s forced to one-up itself every year, it seems the producers have chosen to throw the cast for a loop every week instead of opting to find interesting people to fill the house. It’s a last resort after one again choosing to cast a group of beautiful, vapid, and self-interested people.  But that’s Big Brother, and while I’m told every week to “expect the unexpected,” I guess I shouldn’t have expected anything else.


In the season opener, Julie announced not one, not two, but THREE twists this season:

  1. Battle of the Block is back, meaning two Heads of Household will be named and each will nominate two houseguests for eviction. A battle will ensue midweek between the four houseguests up for eviction. Whichever team wins the battle will take themselves off the block and remove the person who nominated them from the HOH room.
  2. Every week will include a new twist, and according to Julie, the houseguest will never know “who or what will show up.” Kind of cryptic. We’ll see how this plays out.
  3. The twin twist, which was first introduced in season 5, will place a set of twins in the house who will play as one player for the first five evictions. If the twins can fool the houseguests and make it past that eviction, they will both enter the house and compete as individual players. The competing twins will be revealed tonight.

I’m interested to meet the rest of the houseguests during tonight’s episode, as I’m not impressed with the first half of the cast.  So far Romantic Wrestler Austin (aka Judas) is the most interesting, but that’s not saying much.  Here’s hoping the rest of the group brings some depth to the house.

What I’m binging on: Bones

It took many years for me to even acknowledge that the TV show “Bones” existed.  As a devoted “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” fan, I just couldn’t watch David Boreanaz portray anyone other than Angel.  But the image of Angel comedicaly holding a bone to his lips taunted me on my Netflix que, and I finally gave in.

My first question to myself: “Why did I wait so long?” The show is amazing, and the characters…well I fell in love with the characters, especially Seeley Booth. So I decided to make a list, and here it is. Warning: this post may contain spoilers if you aren’t as far along in your binge as I am (season 9, episode 8 to be exact)!

Ten times David Boreanaz made me love Seeley (almost) more than Angel


1. That crooked smile when Brennen told him she was pregnant


2. Buck and Wanda!

Bones 2

3. And Tony and Roxie!

Seeley 2

4. His modesty.


5. His constant need to protect Bones (even though she doesn’t really need protecting).

Grave Digger

6. Except sometimes she does…like from the Gravedigger.


7. And Pelant.


8. His overwhelmingly optimistic view of his love for Bones, even when she was clueless for so long.


9. And how he finally convinced her to propose to him despite her objection to marriage.


10. It’s also hard to forgive the whole “no soul” debacle!

True Detective Returns for Season 2

True Detective

The first episode of HBO’s dark crime series True Detective’s sophomore season aired on Sunday.  The show began by introducing the series’ main characters and the tragic backstories that have turned them into assholes.  Here is the character breakdown and introduction of the central crime under investigation this season:

Ray Velcoro (Collin Farrell) – The Drunk Asshole

True Detective begins Ray’s story on a sympathetic note as we witness a heart-to-heart with his son…but that compassion all but disappears by the end of the episode. His parenting style is fueled by alcoholic rage. Instead of opting for a time-out for his son after his Nikes were stolen, he threatens to spank his 12-year-old butt in front of the cheerleading squad. He even takes it upon himself to punish a bully at his son’s school by beating the crap out of the kid’s dad then threatening to kill the boy’s father and butt-f*ck him with his mother’s corpse.  Ray’s backstory becomes bleaker as we learn that he transformed from a good (we assume) cop to a corrupt one after seeking Frank Semyon’s help in avenging his wife’s rape…a relationship that continues today.

Frank Semyon (Vince Vaughn)  — The Criminal Asshole

The lesser of the many evils on True Detective lies with the first criminal element introduced on the show: Frank Semyon. Semyon’s backstory is shrouded in mystery right now, but one thing is apparent: he’s not a good guy. While working on a high-speed rail deal that would improve his casino’s prospects, he hires corrupt cop Velcoro to rough up a local reporter and steal his files regarding corruption in their fictional city, Vinci.

Ani Bezzerides (Rachel McAdams) – The Man-Hating Asshole

Named after Antigone, the tragic daughter of Greek figure Oedipus, Ani’s rage runs deep – with good reason.  Her mother committed suicide, her father is a faux-religious guru, and her sister is currently working as a webcam porn star. A wall full of knives and guns in her home, penchant for adventurous sex and all-black wardrobe only emphasize the Ani’s ire.

Paul Woodrugh (Taylor Kitsch) – The Loner Asshole

The very attractive Woodrugh is a highway patrol officer who is accused (falsely?) of soliciting a blowjob to a woman to avoid arrest. Woodrugh also has a very attractive girlfriend who loves giving blowjobs, and he does everything he can to avoid her…even riding his motorcycle on a dark highway with no headlights.  The patrolman chickens out at the last moment, turning his headlight back on only to discover a body positioned at a picnic table, just taking in the breathtaking view. Which leads us to…

Ben Caspere – The Dead Asshole

The disappearance of Caspere, Vinci city manager, was under investigation by Velcoro.  While searching his home, Velcoro and his partner uncover some very kinky and very unnerving sexual depictions and toys. Caspere was supposed to appear at a meeting at Semyon’s casino to introduce the high-speed rail deal to potential investors, but never showed.  Throughout the first episode, we see Caspere being toted around town in the front seat of a car…the driver is never shown.  When Woodrugh discovers the victim, his eyes have been removed and his pelvis badly damaged.

The death of Caspere will inevitably bring this group of damaged people together, as evidenced by the closing scene: Woodrugh, Bezzerides and Velcoro surrounding Caspere’s body on the side of a deserted highway.