4 dumb moments on last night’s Pretty Little Liars

The pretty little liars clearly did not gain wisdom with age. After making dumb mistake after dumb mistake, it’s a wonder how these girls aren’t dead or back in prison by now! Here are four stupid moves the liars made last night:

It’s called surveillance, ladies

A, Uber-A, and A.D. all understand surveillance. Why don’t you girls?


When Spencer discovers that Noel has been living in his parents’ cabin, the girls immediately head up to the secluded homestead. Did they bother to make sure no one was home? Watch to see if anyone was coming? Of course not!

Although smashing the surveillance camera before entering is on the right track, it’s not the best idea to break into a suspected psychopath’s house without first making sure the coast is clear.

Don’t hang out in the creepy cabin to check out suspicious files

Along those same lines, don’t stay in the cabin of a suspected psychopath after you’ve clearly found damning evidence. When the liars uncover a suspicious wooden box with an odd insignia on the top hidden in the back of a junk draw, it becomes clear the lone flash drive inside is important.


But instead of leaving with the evidence, Spencer gets cozy at the nearby desk, plugs the drive into the laptop and proceeds to check out the files inside.

Don’t do that! Get out! Look at the files at home, in a safe place.

Lock your door, Spencer!

Don’t these girls know by now that an unlocked door is just an invitation for an intruder to come in and steal the one piece of evidence that could get them out of the mess they’re in?

Spencer lock door

Apparently not because the second the power goes out, Spencer goes to grab a flash light, allowing a shadowy figure to come in and steal the flash drive full of videos implicating Noel Kahn in the girls’ dollhouse abduction.

Look away from the drugged beer, Hanna!

Speaking of Noel, Hanna’s on to him. And she’s even set a pretty decent trap by luring him to a bar and drugging his beer. Too bad she can’t take her eyes off the drugged drink.


Obviously, her death stare makes Noel suspicious, and he gives the drink back to her.

Hanna has a plan B, which involves a pipe to the head, though, so I guess everything worked out in the end, right?

As the season finale approaches, I think these ladies need to stake a step back and assess all the moronic moves they’ve made thus far. Hopefully Hanna’s (slightly crazy?) plan will uncover some long-lasting secrets as we travel toward the end of the winding Pretty Little Liars journey!


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