Liz isn’t really dead, is she?

After a slight departure from the Liz story line last week, The Blacklist returns to the devastating death of the series’ main character as the team morns its loss at Liz’s funeral in tonight’s episode.

Blacklist funeral

While last week’s episode followed Red as he progressed through an imaginary murderous rampage, the previous week’s story began with a wedding and ended with a death. As Liz and Tom attempted to escape the assassin known as Mr. Solomon, they crashed their car. Liz was injured, forcing an emergency c-section in which the baby was saved but Liz perished.

Liz’s passing and subsequent funeral will, no doubt, create a fire under the team to avenge her death.

“Dealing with grief and trying to work, trying to do your job facing that amount of grief and that amount of feeling like we all failed, was probably the hardest thing I’ve done on the series,” Amir Arison, who plays team member Aram,told Entertainment Weekly. “That hunt for justice I think is what keeps Aram, Red, and the team moving forward as opposed to just wallowing in it in a pit of self pity or failure.”

It’s clear that the team will stop at nothing to apprehend Mr. Solomon, but is it all for nothing. Is Liz really dead?

In an interview with Entertainment weekly on April 14, James Spader (Red) leaves the possibility of a Liz return open-ended:

“I think it’s most prudent not only as just myself and what I know or don’t know for that, but also in terms of the character of Reddington: Elizabeth Keen is dead.”

One thing is for certain, though. Liz’s death will remain a mystery until the case is solved. And that resolution doesn’t seem to be coming in tonight’s episode.


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