Gotham’s Rise of the Villain: the Best so Far

Gotham has deemed its second season, the rise of the villain and so far, it hasn’t disappointed. The appeal of the Batman series has always been its fantastic villains, so this approach makes complete sense. In addition to incorporating some of the comic’s most iconic characters, this approach works to redeem what many viewers saw as a lackluster end to the first season.

While I’ve enjoyed the introduction of many of this season’s big bads, there are a few that have stood out among the pack.

The Riddler


While Edward Nygma has not technically become the Riddler yet, he’s working his way there very quickly. He is by far one of my favorite characters on the show…which is strange because he was one of my least favorite villains up to this point. Cory Michael Smith’s treatment of the psychotic medical examiner is amazing, and the evolution of Nygma’s psychosis has been a delight to watch so far.

Dr. Hugo Strange

Hugo Strange

Played by the amazing B.D. Wong, Dr. Strange brings a sinister mystery to the already horrific Arkham Asylum. I’m excited to see what his experiments on wayward baddies have in store for Gotham in the not-too-distant future.

Mr. Freeze


While Mr. Freeze is a bad guy, he has a somewhat-heartfelt back story. We got to see this played out in one episode of Gotham this season as he built his freeze suit to save his dying wife. Granted, he ended up killing her and several others in the process, but still…it was in the name of love! While Gotham’s finest think Mr. Freeze is dead, we know better. He’s just laying on ice until Dr. Strange is ready for him.



Bridgit Pike’s evolution to Firefly was another emotional ride — this time one of self-confidence and female power. Forced into the family “business” of arson by her abusive brothers, Pike took matters into her own hands and broker the chains the bound her, by burning her brothers alive. She also resides in Dr. Strange’s laboratory for peculiar children.

And last, but certainly not least, Joker


Cameron Monaghan’s treatment of the psychopath known as Jerome on Gotham was brilliant. His pJOkerlot ended way to soon, but I have a feeling that’s not the last we’ll see of one of the comic’s most iconic bad guys.

You’ll notice that a few villains didn’t make the list (Tigress, Penguin, etc.) and that’s because they haven’t earned it! I’m on the fence on Robin Lord Taylor’s take on Oswald Cobblepot, and Tigress just didn’t do it for me. And, since the season’s not over yet, I may have more to add thanks to rumblings that Clayface and the Mad Hatter are slated to make an appearance.

So, what about you? Who’s your favorite Gotham villain in this season of bads?


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