PLL finally unveils a twin twist

Mrs. DAfter seasons of speculation by fans, Pretty Little Liars finally introduced a twin twist into its storyline…albeit a bit later than many viewers had anticipated. While many viewers saw a twin as the answer to last season’s “A” mystery, the show’s twin was actually Mrs. DiLaurentis — Ali’s mother.

In the season 6B finale, we find out that Mrs.D had a twin sister who resided in Radley named Mary Drake. In fact, Drake had a child during her time in the asylum. And you guessed it…that child was Charles! Oh the twists and turns the PLL roller coaster has taken over the past two seasons!

And we’re in for another ride next season as the fate of Hannah was literally drug out when she was shown sliding lifeless across the church floor, in addition to tons of shipper moments! Aria and Ezra hooked up! Caleb and Hannah kissed! Spencer and Toby had a moment!  I’m counting down the days until season 7…

PLL meme


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