My TV Deal Breakers

I stumbled across this article on this morning asking the question, “What actor or actress is a deal breaker for you?” Most of the answers revolved around actors who are annoying or just plain bad, but that’s not the case for me. My deal breakers – I have two – are actresses I avoid because I just simply can’t imagine them playing a character outside of their iconic TV role.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Carrie Bradshaw

My Sex and the City obsession is so strong that SJP CAN NOT play a character other than Carrie Bradshaw. When she does assume the role of another character (see The Family Stone, Failure to Launch), I immediately project Carrie Bradshaw onto that character. “Carrie would never wear that horrible sweater. Carrie would never be a therapist,” I think to myself. I just can’t. I can’t see SJP as anyone other than Carrie.

Sarah Michelle Gellar


My other double-named deal breaker will always be Buffy. She’ll always be the badass vampire slayer who oozes teen angst. The first pop culture icon to fall in love with a blood sucker. And no role she has or even will assume could live up to that. I refuse to see her as anything else.

So, dear readers, who is your pop culture deal breaker and why?


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