I feel like I’ve seen this Big Brother cast before…

Julie discussed a twin twist during this season, but she didn’t mention anything about past contestant twinsies.  When Clay mentioned the similarity between Steve and Ian, I started noticing how familiar other cast members seemed as well.  This particular season of Big Brother is full of doppelgangers of contestants from seasons past! Take a look at all the look-alikes below:

Steve Ian

Steve and Ian (season 14)

Audrey Danielle

Audrey and Danielle (season 14)

Austin Dick

Austin and Dick (seasons 8 and 13)


Clay and every other mancandy, pictured are Caleb (Season 16), Hayden (season 12), Cody (season 16)

Jace Hayden

Jace and Hayden (Season 16)

John Mike

John and Mike “Boogie” (seasons 2, 7 and 14)

Shelli Aaryn

Shelli and Aaryn (season 15)

Vanessa Gina

Vanessa and GinaMarie (season 15)

Keep in mind that this post is completely superficial (like most Big Brother contestants…lol), and I’m not commenting on similarities between game play or personalities of the matched players, just their looks.


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