What is it about Rosewood that makes everyone crazy?


This week on Pretty Little Liars, the girls uncovered a major clue in the search for Charles DiLaurentis.  SPOILER ALERT…he’s dead and has been for years.

At the beginning of the episode we find out that Charles is Alison’s brother, who was housed in Radley after attempting to drown his sister in a scaling hot bath tub. He was said to have committed suicide in the institution, but the liars had a hard time swallowing that story.

After learning that Alison’s aunt had visited Charles frequently at Radley, the girls sought the help of Jason who remembered visiting his aunt’s home shortly after her death and running into his mom tending garden at the (supposedly) abandoned house.  After investigating the empty home, the group stumbles upon a gravestone marked Charles.

The liars immediately jump to the conclusion that the “Charles” who kidnapped them has taken on the persona of the real Charles, and this new “Charles” must have known Alison’s brother during his time at Radley.

“It all seems to lead back to Radley, doesn’t it” – Lieutenant Tanner

The above quote from the skeptical lieutenant seems to be very fitting to the series as a whole.  A number of the show’s characters have either done a stint in the sanitarium or have some connection to it.  The following characters are involved with Radley in some way or another, and could be Charles 2.0:

Mona Vanderwaal

Mona was institutionalized in Radley after she was revealed to be the original A. Did she reincarnate as A after being released? Doubtful, as she was locked up before in the prison with the girls and had no way of knowing him during his stay at Radley.

Spencer Hastings

Spencer had a mini-breakdown after Toby “died.”  She even occupied Mona’s old room in the institution.  Has the smarty pants of the group assumed the role of A? Again, doubtful because she was one of Charles 2.0’s prisoners and had no way of knowing him during his stay at Radley.

Marion Cavanaugh (Toby’s mother)

Like Charles, Marion lived and died at Radley before the series began. Her death was ruled a suicide, but an inquiry into the event surrounding her death were investigated after Spencer helped Toby uncover new clues into the incident.  He accepted a settlement to keep the findings hushed. Toby has had interactions with A before, did he pick up where Mona left off? It’s possible, but doubtful. Toby and Caleb worked closely (it seems) to find the girls after they were kidnapped.

Bethany Young

Bethan Young was a patient at Radley who had an unknown connection to Alison’s mother. Since both Bethany and Jessica DiLaurentis are both confirmed dead, neither could be Charles 2.0.

CeCe Drake

CeCe checked into Radley under the name Alison DeLaurentis, but it was after Charles was supposed to be dead (I think). CeCe has been MIA for some time.  It’s possible she took on the role of A, but I don’t really see any motive behind it.

Eddie Lamb

Eddie was a nurse at Radley during Spencer’s stopover at the institution.  He helped Spencer uncover clues about Mona’s stay at Radley and showed Spencer evidence that Toby’s mother was institutionalized. He has been missing since season 5. Another contender for Charles 2.0, but again, what is his motive?

Dr. Wren Kingston

After dalliances with both Hastings sisters, Wren turns up as a volunteer doctor at Radley while Spencer is institutionalized. Although he has a strong connection to the liars (he also kissed Hanna), he is currently living in London with Spencer’s sister, Melissa. So he’s out of the running to be A now.

Since writer NAME had said that Charles is someone we’ve “seen” before, patients such as Big Rhonda, Nicky and Donna, are also of note.  These three were mentioned by named when Aria volunteered for the art program at the institution to gain insight into Bethany.

OR Radley could be a complete misdirection and there could be no connection at all. But, it’s fun to speculate, isn’t it?


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