What I’m binging on: Bones

It took many years for me to even acknowledge that the TV show “Bones” existed.  As a devoted “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” fan, I just couldn’t watch David Boreanaz portray anyone other than Angel.  But the image of Angel comedicaly holding a bone to his lips taunted me on my Netflix que, and I finally gave in.

My first question to myself: “Why did I wait so long?” The show is amazing, and the characters…well I fell in love with the characters, especially Seeley Booth. So I decided to make a list, and here it is. Warning: this post may contain spoilers if you aren’t as far along in your binge as I am (season 9, episode 8 to be exact)!

Ten times David Boreanaz made me love Seeley (almost) more than Angel


1. That crooked smile when Brennen told him she was pregnant


2. Buck and Wanda!

Bones 2

3. And Tony and Roxie!

Seeley 2

4. His modesty.


5. His constant need to protect Bones (even though she doesn’t really need protecting).

Grave Digger

6. Except sometimes she does…like from the Gravedigger.


7. And Pelant.


8. His overwhelmingly optimistic view of his love for Bones, even when she was clueless for so long.


9. And how he finally convinced her to propose to him despite her objection to marriage.


10. It’s also hard to forgive the whole “no soul” debacle!


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