There’s a tornado coming to Big Brother this summer!

At least that’s what the current cast thinks.  When Julie dubbed this season the summer of twists, the entire cast’s mouths hung agape as if they thought they were moving into the Big Brother house to relax in the pool all summer.

“You mean we have to play a game here?”

On a show that’s forced to one-up itself every year, it seems the producers have chosen to throw the cast for a loop every week instead of opting to find interesting people to fill the house. It’s a last resort after one again choosing to cast a group of beautiful, vapid, and self-interested people.  But that’s Big Brother, and while I’m told every week to “expect the unexpected,” I guess I shouldn’t have expected anything else.


In the season opener, Julie announced not one, not two, but THREE twists this season:

  1. Battle of the Block is back, meaning two Heads of Household will be named and each will nominate two houseguests for eviction. A battle will ensue midweek between the four houseguests up for eviction. Whichever team wins the battle will take themselves off the block and remove the person who nominated them from the HOH room.
  2. Every week will include a new twist, and according to Julie, the houseguest will never know “who or what will show up.” Kind of cryptic. We’ll see how this plays out.
  3. The twin twist, which was first introduced in season 5, will place a set of twins in the house who will play as one player for the first five evictions. If the twins can fool the houseguests and make it past that eviction, they will both enter the house and compete as individual players. The competing twins will be revealed tonight.

I’m interested to meet the rest of the houseguests during tonight’s episode, as I’m not impressed with the first half of the cast.  So far Romantic Wrestler Austin (aka Judas) is the most interesting, but that’s not saying much.  Here’s hoping the rest of the group brings some depth to the house.


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